H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

 I always receive questions on how I keep my hair healthy and soft since I dye my hair quite often. Haha! I think this habit started when I first dyed my hair green. Ever since then I just wanted to try every colour possible. There's just something about changing my hair colour that makes me happy. I always feel different each time I dye my hair. It's as if each colour unlocks a different personality.

 H   A   I   R        R   O   U   T   I   N   E

 Yes, my hair is like a tiara. It is precious to me, even though dyeing my hair doesn't exactly show that but I would never let go of experimenting. So I just learned how to take care of my tiara so it will be forever fabulous, thus 'THE TIARA'. Shall we start?

 Throughout my teenage years I went through so many brands of shampoo to finally find the right one that suits my hair and scalp. The struggles but it was still enjoyable. I've been glued to L'oreal for a pretty long time now. It's the longest relationship I've had with a specific shampoo brand. I'm currently using the Elvive Smooth-Intense shampoo. I love how L'oreal shampoos give me this 'Oh my goodness, I just got my hair done in a salon' feel. They're amazing! I am obsessed with their shampoos. They all smell amazing and they work miraculously. Some may disagree because it may not be suitable for them.

 As for conditioner, I've been pretty much stuck with Clairol's Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner. This is the best conditioner I have ever laid my hands on! It makes my hair stay smooth and soft for the whole day. I noticed that after a few months, my hair gets softer and silkier day by day. Who doesn't want that? 

 Now I'll show you guys the hair masks I used. No, I did not buy all of this at once, I just got them over the years. I only do this 1-2 times per week. So after shampooing and conditioning, I towel dry my hair then I just apply one of the hair masks, massaging from the roots to the ends of my hair then leave it for 5-8 minutes and wash it with warm water after. 




  Moving on to hair oil/serum! I'm not lying when I said L'oreal products can be trusted.  Most of my friends who tried the Anti-Frizz wanted to even get one for themselves! These hair oils not only tame my crazy frizzy hair but it protects it as well. It leaves a nice shine and soft touch to my hair, which I love! I always apply it on towel-dried hair which is always still half dry. Personally, I think it works better when you put it on wet hair and comb it through, then let it dry by itself. I never missed a day without this because it is very crucial to maintaining a healthy hair so whether I'm staying home or going out, I make sure I put this on daily.



 So these are the products that I've been using to maintain the softness and silkiness of my hair. I have a blog post on my new hair colour(&hopefully a video) coming up soon and I can't wait to share it! Nyeheh! So excited! It has only been a week of my new semester but so far it's okay I think. I kinda like the subjects this sem, it seems pretty interesting. Oh well, fingers crossed that everything goes well!

" T I P S  |       I find it best to wash your hair with warm water, especially when you're conditioning. Before getting out of the shower, I always run through my hair with cold water so it will give that extra shine. 

                     I also don't blow-dry my hair because my hair tends to get really frizzy if I blow dry it. Plus, it'll damage my hair even more so I prefer towel-dry.

                 Get sufficient sleep! At least 8 hours of sleep, guys! Did you know that if you're lack of sleep it can ruin the texture of your hair?

               Salmon, Nuts, Dark Green Vegetables, Eggs, Beans    I try to eat these food as often but as moderately as possible because they're known to be good for your hair. 

             Drink lots of water. "

I hope you guys find this helpful! I'll always be glad to help y'all out 
so if there's any question you can go ahead and click here.

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  1. Babe, I'm gonna dye my hair soon too. Any tips on how I can retain color longer? Cos usually the color comes off when I shampoo.