H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

  To be totally honest, I had this idea since last year but you know, procrastination and commitment issues (with blog) problems. Today I'll be sharing my college outfit ideas. I always focus on style and comfort. No way I'm gonna sit in class the whole day looking all nice but feel like I'm in prison, neither would I want to be sloppy. 

 I care a lot about presentation, not just how I portray myself. I feel like one can express themselves well with their choice of clothing. Yes, I'm that kind of person. If I don't look presentable, no way in hell am I gonna step out of the house. I almost never go out without carefully selecting my outfit and look at least decent. This could be a serious problem but meh.

( P H O T O G R A P H E R   :   E R O S   E R F E  
      O U T F I T   S E L E C T I O N   :   D E N I S E   ' F U F Y '   F O N G )

/ 1.   This is my go to outfit. Leggings is my best friend - 
they're super comfy and my legs are not suffocated and are allowed to breathe
A simple yet comfy outfit especially for days when my body hate skirts.

/ 2.   Skirts are pretty comfy too okay. Plus, this one has the student vibe and it's super appropriate. 
But not for days when you want to open your legs. 

/ 3.   SHORTS. You can never go wrong with shorts. This is for the super crazy hot weather. 
Plus, my theory is if I don't wear it often then they can't simply give me warnings.

/ 4.   One can never NOT have a formal attire in their closet. This is my favourite formal by far because you can wear it for presentations but also for casual outings.    
• featuring Eros, because we were matchy 

/ 5.   This is one of my go to outfits as well, especially on days when I just don't know what to wear. When the body and mind ain't compromising.
 Tho, it's one of my favourite looks because it's so cute.  

/ 6.   OMG I found this combo when I kept wearing the same thing. I wanted to buy more clothes but figured I should just mix and match to save money for better things. 

/ 7.   JEGGINGS is seriously the best invention. I always hated jeans, always. You can never find one that'll fit your waist, butt, and thighs perfectly (then jeggings happened). Plus, they always make me look shorter and not very comfy.

/ 8.   This outfit always make me question myself - why I don't have more collared shirts? 
They're so cute and kinda formal but kinda not. I'm so confused but 
all I know is that I look good in collared hahaha! 

SO that's 8 outfits altogether. Initially, I wanted to just post 5 outfits but sometimes in life, we need freaking back up so I added a few more. I hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed doing it. Seriously the amount of sweat contributed for this post. Also, thank you so much, Eros, for helping out with one. Honestly, I don't know what I'll do if I don't have a friend who understands the struggle of taking perfect pictures. So, I'm grateful for this one. / Hit me up on askfm if you have any questions. 



  1. Hey Jin Foo! It`s so admirable how confident and comfortable you are with your body and self-image. Your confidence really shines through your pics.

    1. Hey Sumita! Thank you so much! 😊 &it's jin fo la 🙈😁

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  2. As someone who is big-sized and struggles with body image, I find you such an inspiration. I admire your ability to be so comfortable in your own skin and can only hope to do the same one day <3

    1. Thank you love! You will soon, trust me! I struggled a whole lot to get to where I am now too! Always remember that you're strong and beautiful and never let anyone, ANYONE, tell you otherwise okay? ❤