H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE - my favorite month of the year ! Okay, yesterday's post was a rush and I apologize. Lets get started.


I went out with Daniel and Marissa(Chums) to Queensbay. We went to the food court for lunch. It's cheap and also good so why not? Decided to watch Hunger Games cause Daniel didn't watch it yet. So yeah, Chums and I were watching it for the second time. She said to pretend we didn't watch it at all but during the movie she was saying out the lines for every scene! Hahah, silly girl. HUNGER GAMES IS AMAZING - even for the second time. 

The central zone of the mall was fill with Christmas decorations already. I personally like the decorations this year. I find it cute so whatever. We hung around just to take photos, well basically just me. Chums was helping me so..okay! Daniel and I will be laughing and Chums will be asking us not to move. 

Later at night,  I brought them to Penang's Original Nasi Kandar for dinner. I wanted to order the Nan at first but then I would have to wait really long so I passed. Chums didn't find it that amazing I guess. ): Daniel didn't eat at all for he was meeting up with his friend later on. So it's only me, enjoying my food as usual. We had a hyper drive back home. I was high! ANOTHER GOOD DAY. x 

^ I added Farts face for she couldn't join us 
and I wouldn't want her to feel left out.


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