H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  ❤ 

 It has been pretty tiring for me and I've been giving my face a break tho. I haven't been suffocating my face with makeup. Pretty much detoxed my face for a week and it has been really good. I actually planned on detoxing this week but this time it was a failed one so I shall attempt on another during sem break. Also, I've decided to watch Pretty Little Liars from the beginning so I can catch up on the latest seasons but I'm already almost done with Season 2.

  Now, let me remind you all again that I am WAYYYYYYYYYYYY behind for this post. This is a very special episode because it was EROS'S DAY. Yep, he turned 19 on this day, which was last year November (haha told you I was late)!

  E   R   O   S       D   A   Y   ­čÄł

      I was legit hunting down for places to have his birthday dinner with the gang. After what felt like a thousand rejections, he finally saw the one he'd love and it was decided. The day started off with getting him his enormous '19' balloons! Actually the day started with my car being a hoe but all is well. Eros was (thank God) patient. So, we went to get his balloons and mind you, the struggles of driving with crazy ass balloons stuff to the back of my tiny car.

  We headed to Winter Warmers at Straits Quay. Eros had this high tea craving for a long time and it was just coincidental that his birthday was coming up. We ordered the Deluxcious Afternoon High Tea Set and I can tell you that it is so damn worth it . For RM76, there were so much food, so much. Plus, there were not only TWO pots of tea, but FOUR.

I   L       B   A   C   A   R   O 

{ 106, Lebuh Campbell, 10100, Pulau Pinang, 10200, Malaysia
Daily  08:00 - 23:00  /  +6 0 4 - 261 8290  }

This is the place that Eros decided to have his birthday dinner. I really like this place, even the building itself which is Campbell House. It is such a beautiful building, really. Anyway, Il Bacaro's ambiance gives away such a posh vibe. They serve Italian cuisine and goodness, the food is just, scrumdiddlyumptious.





     MUSHROOM CHEESE PIZZA (I forgot what is it called but the important thing is it's vegan)

The food was really good. Everyone loved their food and it was a really good day. I know it's March but I hope you had a good birthday Eros! I'm the worse for posting only now but still, the struggles. Hahah!

 Another episode done! I'm almost catching up to Eros! I have been pretty unlucky with my eyes lately because during Chinese New Year, I had some eye allergy which made my eye swell up like crazy and it was yellow. Now an insect flew into it a few days ago and now there's this wound right below my eye. So it hurts when I blink and especially when I wash my face. Plus, my skin has been pretty bad so I hope everything will get better for me during my sem break. On the bright side, face detox for a whole month. 

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