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 Today I'll be showing what I got for Christmas! A bit late on the post but trust me, it's on time for my schedule (yes, I came up with this schedule thing for my blog).

So, every year I'll always try to get my closest friends presents but this year, Chummy banned me from getting presents for anyone but only for myself. After a few debates, I gave in. Now, I worked hard to get all the presents. So I wrote down a list of the things I want and shortlisted them to the things I really need. What I really wanna talk about here is loving yourself (or maybe just more on how I learn to love myself). Loving yourself can come in many different ways - taking care of your hygiene, having enough sleep and a balance meal, being kind to yourself. To each its' own so, this is one of my ways.

  I honestly don't remember the last time I actually bought the things that I really want for myself. I think I've finally reach a point where I am really comfortable with myself. I have accepted 99% of my flaws and pretty much embracing them. I discovered when I spend on myself (like really spending on myself), I feel so flippin' happy! OVER THE RAINBOW, OVER THE MOON, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE HAPPY! I admit, I am pretty high maintenance and materialistic but is it wrong? I personally don't think so. I'm not taking money from anyone but rather earn it on my own. There's just simply a joy and satisfaction in buying the things you want with your hard earned money. Sure, it's nice when someone else get it for you but it just doesn't feel the same.

U   N   W   R   A   P   P   I   N   G

G   I   F   T   I   E   S


This one is from Claudia, one of my close friends from high school. Bless her soul for getting me this! 
I've been wanting this since I was 16 years old! Thank you so much again m8!


This is from the gang, TBC's (The Breakfast Club), Secret Santa. Bella was my secret santa and she got me these. 
I love the orange one especially, which is mango and it smells amazing! 

  I am the type of person who loves giving and receiving gifts, especially receiving the ones that I love! One of the reasons, I love giving presents is the process of it. I always put a lot of effort when getting gifts whether if it's handmade or bought from stores, by sneakily asking them questions or just come up with a topic.  I just want to give them the perfect present or close to perfect. I always believe that gifts should be carefully pick out. Giving your time and effort picking out gifts is really a nice thing to do. C'mon, by just giving a few hours of your time in a day to pick or make a gift for someone is truly satisfactory. Wouldn't it suck if you get a bad gift? No one likes a bad gift. Even if it is for a distant relative, you should always put in effort. There are ways to find at least a good decent present that they'll like. I'm pretty sure no one likes bad gifts especially when it shows how much effort you gave, which is very hurtful. Why bother in the first place if you know you're not gonna put any thought into it? ☀ 


I was so happy to see that one of their Christmas Gift Sets had all the things that I've been having my eye on.
I couldn't resist but to buy it since I've also been living off their samples and these are perfect for my skin type 
so why not?

  The other reason I love giving is because I love to see the happy look on their face when they open the gift! The joy comes from there, knowing that your effort is worth it. There is no such thing as "Oh, I don't know what to get you." There is always a way to find out, it's just a matter of whether you want to or not. Also, from the presents you receive, you can see how much you mean to a person. It can be the most expensive thing in the world but it just doesn't scream 'I thought of you when I see this' in there. It's always the thought that counts. For example, if I get Chummy a really expensive bracelet, there's no thought there. It's just like "Oh, I don't want to put in any effort so I just got you something expensive or branded so at least you'll have to love it because it costs a lot of money". You get me?


 This was actually unplanned for. I was looking around in Sephora and I saw this and fell in love with it instantly!
I've been wanting to invest in brushes so might as well I get a set of good quality ones and live on them forever!
Plus, they're gold, oh my goodness and so pretty!

   The thing is, I realized that people tend to take advantage of this phrase "It's the thought that counts", to get away with getting terrible presents. I mean they can just buy the worse things, and they will tell the person "Hey, it's the thought that counts right? At least I got you something!" Yeah, truly, it is the THOUGHT that COUNTS, but that doesn't mean that you should just lousily pick a present and use that phrase, because then it doesn't really mean what it means does it? It's as if you're forced to do it. Giving is such a wonderful thing, no one can force anyone to give.

   Now, I always get really excited when I receive gifts, but even though they're quite bad ones and shows that "Wow, this person don't really know me or didn't even take the effort to even bother putting in more thought", I always tell myself that it's okay and that it's the thought that counts (even clearly there's none, I just want to see it in a positive side). I may sound like a total brat, but why get presents for others when you know it's gonna be a bad one? I got my fair share of Christmas presents but I decided to come up with this tradition last year (haha silly me) FROM JON TO FUFY. Yes, I am JON. It's a long story but for some weird ungodly reason, Gerald calls me that and I thought might as well use it to my benefit (He also calls Eros - Erik, Bella - Belo and Kevin - Kev). Anyway, I thought to myself, who better to pamper myself other than myself?


I've been wanting this one ever since I was exposed to makeup. 
I've heard a lot of good things about this and I was eager to buy it, finally.


OMG, this is just such a good investment! I can feel it. 
I fell in love with all of these shades. I mean just look at the colour!
How can a girl who loves make up not?

  I did not spend a quarter of my life loving myself.  While shopping for myself this Christmas, I realized that I love myself and if that makes me happy so be it. I have this rush of joy while buying the gifts for myself. I truly fell in love with myself end of 2015. I literally sit in front of my mirror every morning just admiring my beauty before and after makeup. It's really amazing to be honest. The feeling is alarming yet calming. It's not wrong to fall completely in love with yourself. Who to love you better than yourself anyway (other than family and friends of course)? I see myself differently, I feel different. Yes, I love the products that I bought for myself but it's not the products that made me feel the way I do. The products just simply enhance my features. I honestly feel beautiful inside out, I'm calmer now, I see things differently, I have a whole new set of priorities. It is truly mesmerizing when you finally see what God sees in you and what you're made for. Once you see that, your goals are pretty much crystal clear.


The Innisfree foundation and Blackhead balm are just extra for props. I bought them about two months ago. So yeah.
Hermo had a #HerBestGift2015 Christmas Sale, so obviously I got a few things for myself for they were really cheap!
I also wanted to use my vouchers so yeah! If you guys want, you can check out their site here
They have a variety of products from skin care to make up to beauty tools, you know all that fancy jazz.

  We have come to the end of unwrapping my presents! So I hope you guys enjoyed what I've shared with you and please, always know that you should love yourself no matter what. Don't be too hard on yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself, and put yourself as a priority. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise that you're unworthy or let people decide if you're good enough. You are good enough, you might not see it yet or have yet found it, but always remember whatever you hate or beat yourself up for that others do not like, makes you YOU and why fit in when you can stand out? When you stop fitting into the norms of others, you'll realize your full potential. So be a kind, gentle, forgiving soul to yourself and others as well (even if they don't deserve it).

P/s : If you have any questions, you can always pop me one on my askfm

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