H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

Pretty sure we all want to lose that bloated tummy of ours after all that festive food during Christmas time. In my case, I've been gobbling on my chocolates from my Langkawi trip and snacks my uncle got me from Taiwan. I've been eating like crazy, non stop binging any time of the day ever since I stopped work  two weeks ago. At least after I came back from Langkawi I had work so I didn't have the feeling of munching on things. I filled all my cravings with endless cups of green tea or peppermint tea. Once work stopped and I got to stay home and well, the rest is history. 

Anyway, last Sunday I woke up feeling gross and the voice in my head said "Hey! Why not detox?" Which I thought was a great idea since I recently got a new blender and I hardly used it ever since I got it. So I got out of the bed and searched for detox recipes and quickly wrote down the ingredients so I could buy it later that day. I wanted to start ASAP before something swallow my motivation.

D     E           X

 So what exactly is detox? It is basically internal cleansing. Most people just do juice detox where they drink juices for 3 days. Juice detox shouldn't be more than 3 days. So don't overdo it okay? If that toxic voice at the back of your head is telling you that it's not enough and you should do it for a week or more, DON'T. You can have a juice everyday and three balance meals.

  I have gastric problems and it can get really bad if I don't have a proper meal so I did some research and came up with a 3 day detox plan. I included juices and detox food in my plan. You can click here to see what you can eat during detox if you think that you can't bare having only juice. It might be hard to refrain from all those yummy local and non-local food but think about it, those food will always be there but that urge of wanting to detox will not. Hey, and don't stuff yourself with too much bad food once this is over too! My advice is to stay home while you're detoxing. That way you won't give in to the temptations! 

3   D A Y S   D E T O X   P L A N 

 •  F U F Y   S T Y L E   

D A Y   O N E

 DETOX #1  |  1⁄2 Cup Mango,  1 Tbsp Chia Seeds, 1⁄2 Cup Coconut Water, 1 Cup Spinach, 1 Tbsp Lemon,  14  Avocado, Ice Cubes

   First thing in the morning when I woke up, I drank a glass of water. Then I had this juice for breakfast. Later in the evening when I was hungry, I had my homemade salsa with tortilla chips. Now this was my first mistake - the tortilla chips. I totally forgot about the chips and I just ate them with the salsa. The salsa is fine though because it's homemade and it's 100% fresh ingredients. I did not do a thorough research that time then after I had it, I quickly read up on the things I can eat while detoxing. Haha! Make sure you do a thorough research people! Anyway, I had the same juice that night for dinner. 

D A Y   T W O

DETOX #2  |  Apple Mint Leaves, Slices of an Orange, a Lemon and Cucumber, Ice Water (Blogilates)

 This second detox recipe is actually just infused water which I got from Blogilates. I drank this for the whole day, as much as I could. The detox food I made on the second day was brown rice, stir fry vegetables and oven-baked salmon. Don't be discouraged by brown rice, it's actually really yummy! I always prefer brown rice over white, because they taste better and healthier for you!

D A Y   T H R E E

DETOX #3  |  4 Stalks of Celery, 1 Whole of Cucumber and Pineapple, Green Apple, Handful of Spinach, 1⁄2 Lemon Juice, 2 Kiwis, Ice Cubes

 Ahhhh, the last day! I had 1 Litre of this juice in the morning and also in the evening. I did not plan to eat but then I was hungry later on so I just made something simple - two types of stir veg and brown rice. Then I felt like having my fish, so I oven-baked my salmon and add that to my dish. You can just stick to two types of veg if you want to, I was just dying to have that. I honestly think that the last day of detox is quite challenging because you're on the last day and you might come up with excuses like "Oh, I'm sure I can have this or that by now." NO, don't. It's the last day and you gave in so much effort for the past two days! So don't give up, alright? You can do it!

 During detoxing, I felt that I was not only detoxing my body but my mind as well. I was getting rid of toxins in my body and negativity from my mind. My body is my temple so I should always take care of it and shower it with love. I feel amazing inside out. Detoxing was effective for me as I am not bloated anymore and it's so amazing how 'clean' I feel. I realized my body is also digesting food better now. So that's definitely a good thing! If you want to do this, feel free to do it! Whatever the reason is, don't be afraid of other people's judgement. It's your body and you can do whatever you want with it as long as it makes YOU and only you, happy. 

 That's pretty much it for this post! As usual, I hope y'all enjoyed reading it. I really enjoy coming up with new ideas and making blogging a priority. I do hope you lovelies enjoy reading them as much as I love doing them! Stay tune for next week's post!

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