H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

So welcome to another episode review of #CHEF (Cafe Hopping with Eros and Fufy),
where we hop only once a month because the budget life chose us. 


D     C     O     V     A 

{ Logan Heritage, No. 4, Bishop Street, 10200, Georgetown, Penang
Mon - Thur, Sun   10:00 - 22:00     
Fri, Sat   10:00 - 00:00     /  6019- 507 3633 }

 When I hear the name of this place, the first thing that came into my mind was - fancy, which means pricey. Boy, was I wrong. Don't get me wrong, the place has a modern chic kinda look. The portion of the food compliments the price. The place is kinda small so if it's a full house at your time of visit, you can wait at this nice set up they prepared at the entrance of the cafe. 

 They offer mostly western-based food and of course, the usual coffee and deserts. Look at their cakes! It calling to me, oh my goody goodness. I also heard that their Squid Ink Pasta is amazing so I'm definitely going there again just to try that. Now now, let's get on with the food shall we? I'll start with the drinks first. May the drooling start.


 I didn't opt for my usual coffee on that day because it was scorching hot and my body was screaming for something cold even though my soul was screaming for a nice hot cup of coffee. It was okay to me. I would very much preferred it hot but that's just me.Eros tried it and he absolutely loved it. 

This ice blended coffee was sweet and I can't really taste the coffee but it was still enjoyable. I recommend this for those of you who like sweet drinks. 


  When I found out that Eros ordered this, I instantly remember how Farah was craving for this a whole lot a few months back. So I just assumed it would be amazing. This is what Eros think of his choice 

" I ordered this because I'm a fan of sweet things and since it was a hot day, I wanted something refreshing. This drink is actually a mix of yogurt and ice cream so during the meal it melted quite a bit. I wouldn't say that I liked this purely because it was basically just ice cream/yogurt and it left me with that sticky feeling in my mouth when I wanted to be refreshed instead (am I making sense lol). "

I tried his drink and I loved it! I loved how the texture was creamy, like a thick smoothie, especially when it was strawberry flavoured. It's just that when you order this, you have to finish it fast (and take pictures of it fast). I think that this would be best as desert. 


 I remembered that Eros was super super hungry and thinking if he should try other things or stick to his signature pasta order. I was trying to persuade him to try other things but he said he was too hungry and he need to play it safe. So here's his opinion on this dish :

" As a carbonara fan, I decided to order their signature carbonara. 
I would say that the portion was okay, 
but since I was very hungry at the time I was left a bit...unsatisfied.
 The taste however was okay. 
There was enough sauce for the pasta that it wasn't dry, 
there was a generous amount of bacon and the pasta was cooked just right. "


 I remember having a bad experience with Alfredo pasta before but the picture looked really promising on the menu so I thought I'd give it another go. If people deserve second chances so do good food. You can imagine that by the time my order came, my stomach was eating my lungs (exaggeration). It was most definitely NOT the hunger but this dish taste AMAZING. 

I love how the pasta is different from what we usually see on the menu. Everything was on point on my taste buds! It was pasta perfection. You have to try this yourself whether you like it or not. OF COURSE I RECOMMEND THIS. (oh my goodness, talking about this just makes me wanna go and get it now but it's midnight so)


Whenever there's cake, we're there. We both share this cake (obviously). The cake was just right to both of our taste. The perfect balance of chocolate, cream and cheese. They even have crackers which was a nice touch. Definitely worth trying when you're visiting!

  Here comes to an end of another episode. Hope y'all enjoyed this one. I think this one is quite chatty.    Remember that we all have different taste in things. That's why some people love Durians and some don't. The reviews are always a guidance but it's up to you whether it's tasteful. 

If you have any questions, don't be shy and drop me some on my askfm. 

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