H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

HAPPY 2016 EVERYONE! I've been meaning to post this but I have been busy for the past two weeks but now I'm back! So enjoy ✌

I've been wanting to go to Langkawi since forever! A lot of you may be all like, ew but I really wanted to just be there and see the whole place for myself. Plus, an island is never bad. This trip was initially planned with friends but one of them couldn't go so obviously none of us will go if one doesn't go. I mean, I really wanted to go ahead with the plan but it didn't seem right.

 Anyway, I was really really sad about it and was wondering if I could go alone then I thought if my mom would wanna go with me. I thought to myself that it is could be a mother daughter kinda trip. So I asked her and she said okay, seeing how badly I want this (well, I have been waiting for this since MARCH). She got the tickets and we looked for a lot of places because she was so paranoid. This is the first struggle. She was paranoid if the place was haunted or if some serial killer will kill is or someone will rob us and conveniently murder us while they're at it. At first she made me really nervous about the accommodation because well, I was planning to bring my camera along. For goodness sake, I practiced bringing the camera for outdoor activites when I went hiking at Pantai Kerachut. Eros saw the struggles, he knows.

 Moving on, we finally selected a place. After a fair and an unpleasant argument, we decided a place to stay and the things we're going to do there. The endless arguments of where to stay and what to do was truly exhausting. When we got on the taxi on the day we were leaving, I was so glad. She still didn't know about the camera.

D  A  Y    1

 Our ferry leaves at 0830 and we reached there around 0745 because well, we were told to be there half an hour earlier. The ferry we took passes by Pulau Paya. My mum just wanted to see how it looks like so yeah. I was trying to get water from the machine outside the waiting area but the machine hates my guts so no seasick pills for me. I thought I was gonna suffer the whole way because I was not sure how much my body likes to be on a ferry. I thought maybe if the ferry is open-aired then I would be fine. NOPE NOPE AIRCON, not that I was complaining but it didn't fit what I imagined. It was a fancy ferry, to me.

 Anyway, I slept (almost) the whole way through. I woke up when we were reaching Pulau Paya so we had another half an hour till Langkawi. Me being me, I decided to take a few selfies. One of the 'angmos' english men behind saw and well, he photobombed with all his (very cute) smiles and i started laughing. Then his friends came and joined him. Haha! It's always nice to meet nice people. Just wished I'd had small talks with them but yaknowww I'm incompetent at making small talks sometimes.  ( Excuse my horrible brows and naked face pls)

L    A    N    G    K       W    I

 WE REACHED LANGKAWI AT 1030! When we stepped off the ferry my mum asked "Now can you tell people that you've been here?" I just looked at her, laughed and said "This is not counted, you cray." While we walked in, she called Uncle Rashid (Bella was kind enough to give us her relative's number, thank you again ). I saw a duty free shop that sells perfume and I just left my mum and excitedly entered the shop. To be honest, the first thing I looked for was Versace Eros in case you know, Eros wanted to buy. Then I went to hunt for Marc Jacob's Daisy fragrances. Seriously, not even chocolates but perfume, obviously I am crazy. Anyway, we left the place and met up with Uncle Rashid to get the rented car. My mum was sad that she didn't get to drive manual. Thank God really, the struggle with her driving. So I got to drive around instead. The car was only RM80 per day so it's all good and we got a VIVA. We also took this mangrove tour from Uncle Rashid but more about that later.

So we left Kuah Town to go to Desa Terrace which is located at Pantai Cenang. We booked the place on and it is pretty promising. My mum still had her doubts when we reached the place but I was happy with the room. It's just nice for a few days stay and it's not like we're gonna stay in the room 24/7. As long as I'm sleeping right next to a wall, I'm good. Yes, I'm weird, I ABSOLUTELY NEED to sleep next to a wall.

We showered, and headed to Underwater World which was just 10 minutes away. Oohhh, I was excited to see the seals and penguins! The first thing I saw was geckos when I stepped in! Yasss, GECKOS! They're so cute hehs (stop ew-ing eros)!

We were in time for feeding time. ✌ We watched the seals do tricks and all. The trainer brushed their teeth, scratch their head gently and had them doing all sorts of tricks. At one point, I felt a rush of sadness just watching them. Thinking if they dread this. I mean, there are so many eyes on them everyday. My mum said, maybe they're enjoying this. Maybe. ANYWAY - we went around, looking at a sort of fishes. I didn't managed to take a lot of pictures but here's a few that I did. We ended our Underwater World trip with a huge chocolate haul - Toblerones, Daims, Reese's, Ferrero Rochers, Cadbury, Wafers, Peperos.

 After we were done with that, we decided to walk around Pantai Cenang. We ate at this place where they served ikan bakar and all that jazz. OK, I ordered Nasi Bujang but they ran out of eggs *cries* so I ordered Nasi Goreng Masin instead with Sup Kosong. Heheh my love for Sup Kosong. After that we just strolled along the shop lots and looked around. OH! We saw this Gelato shop and my god, yes much yums! Only RM6 and there's so much! We ended the day with good food and headed back to collapse on the bed. The first day was good actually. No fights at all, not even bickering.

D A Y   2 

 Okay, no one sleeps late whilst on holiday. We woke up around 7AM to get ready for the van that was going to pick us up for island hopping. Ooh, I was so excited! I've been looking forward to this part of the trip since January! Anyway, we visited three islands - Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Singa Besar and Pulau Beras Basah. For Pulau Singa Besar, we didn't get off the boat. We just stayed on the boat and watched eagle feeding. 

The first stop was Pulau Dayang Bunting. We had to hike for a bit to go to the fresh water lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting aka Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. You can see the outline of a pregnant woman laying down on her on the mountains fringes back thus the name of the island. There is a whole myth behind this, tho I'm not sure of it. My mum told me that some people believed that if those barren ones who swim in the lake will get pregnant. Well, something like that. Anyway, after 10 minutes of walking we finally reached the lake and I was in awe of the view. It is so flippin' pretty. The lake was clear, there are kayaking activities and the best part is you can swim in it! Let's just say I was really enjoying the swim.

  The second stop was at Pulau Singa Besar as I mentioned earlier. We just watched Eagle Feeding and that's it. I was looking forward to the next stop because I didn't wanna leave the lake as we were only given an hour. Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice Island) was beautiful as well. Not as beautiful as Tasik Dayang Bunting but it was still good. The water is crystal clear. I watched the fishes swim and well, swam with them (ahhahah i'm so weird). Oh, a cheeky old monkey was taking our things but I chased it away with my trusty monopod. Hahahah! Omg really. 

After that fun trip was over, we went back to the motel, cleaned up and headed out again. Mum wanted to drive around the island while I waze us around. We were just exploring really. Went to this mall that looked decent on the outside but was really creepy on the inside, which was disappointing.

^Before blessing of Mother Nature

 ^After blessing of Mother Nature

D A Y    3

  The last day! We spent our last day on a Mangrove Tour and had time to squeeze in for the Sky Cab. During the mangrove tour, we visited the mangrove lake (obvs) and bat caves. We got to also visit a fish farm, The Hole in The Wall Fish Farm and watched the eagles after that (yes, again). The nice tour guide also brought us to some random island that was on the international border between M'sia and Thailand. It was cool to swim on the international border (nyehehe, again me being weird). The last day was more relaxing. After our little swimming session, we were brought to another fish farm to have our lunch (that was included in the tour package). I expected fish to be on my plate to be totally honest because well, we were eating at a but no, chicken. So I gave the chicken to my mum and had the fried rice with vegetable soup. That was the end of the Mangrove Tour. We went straight to the motel to get ready for our next location - Sky Cab. 

^ This cheeky one didn't wanna let us go / look at him holding on to the rope of the boat

  The Langkawi Sky Cab is located at the Oriental Village in Burau Bay. The queue was ridiculous. It was so bloody long, goodness. My mum was really excited for this one! When it was our turn to get on the cable car she was both anxious and excited. There will be five people in the cable car. We were with this lady and her two kids and boy, were they nervous. Her poor daughter was so scared that they all read a prayer to calm themselves, all the way up to the middle station. My mum was just sitting quietly. I could tell she was being really really paranoid again. 

 Anyway, we made it to the top station and gosh, it was so beautiful. The paranomic view from the platform. It was windy and super cold up there. I was disappointed when we couldn't go to the Sky Bridge. I've been looking forward to that ever since I found out about me. I had an Instagram photo planned out and even a Snapchat video, so imagined my disappointment. Nevertheless, the view was amazing and definitely worth it. 

 We ended our trip with Ikan and Sotong Bakar. We left the next morning and for the first time in my life, I got seasick. Worse thing ever, I just slept the whole way through. I didn't manage to take a lot of pictures on this trip but I was having too much fun so I just let it go. Plus, I went there to spend time with my mum. Honestly, I think we both really needed this trip. I felt that we were kinda growing apart because I've been so busy with my last sem and I was hardly ever home. Even if I did, we only seen each other for a bit in the morning before I went off to do whatever it is I had to do. Obviously there were lousy arguments between us throughout this trip but mostly we had fun. It was nice to get to know my mum again / what am I even saying but do you get me?

So that's the end of it. I hope you guys enjoyed this one, if you did made it till here. Goodbye!

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