H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT MEAT?”    I find myself used to say.

I used to not give second thoughts and go straight for anything chicken or beef on the menu. I wouldn’t even care about fish or anything else because to me, at that time, I was obsessed with meat – chicken, beef, mutton, pork. My must have in my meals is chicken. If I don’t have any sort of meat on my plate, I have this dreaded feeling that I will die. That is how much I love my meat, or loved.

P E S C E T A R I A N  /peskəˈte(ə)rēən/

                              a person who does not eat meat but 
                       does eat fish and other seafood

 Who would have thought that I would abstain from meat for good? No one, not even me. Who would have thought that I would enjoy this lifestyle? I guess, God. A lot of people do not get why I made this decision. What I can say is that I most definitely did not decide this overnight – “OH! I think I want to be pescetarian forever!” “Omg I managed to not eat any meat except for fish today so that means I’m a pescetarian! Awesome, then now I can change my status on social media!” No, that did not happen at all. I have been exposed to the different types of vegetarians and I also did my research before on them. I did try to be vegan but it didn’t work out because even though I willingly wanted to try, it was somehow forceful. It was like I was forcing the idea into my mind so it didn’t work out.

  How did it happen then? One fine Monday morning, I woke up with rush of positivity and just decided to try to opt for fish for only that day and see how it goes. The first day was good so I decided to try it for a week. The week after that was Chinese New Year and by then I did not give myself a deadline or anything, I just wanted to see/experiment how long I could abstain from meat. During this I realized that I enjoy eating only seafood but mainly fish. It has not only made me happier but also more cleanse.

  It took me a while, after feeling secure about it only then I called myself a pescetarian.  It has been 6 months I have been pescetarian. So I thought I asked a few people that they want to know so here they are :

#1  Any role models?

Role model isn’t exactly the word for me, more like INSPIRATION.
Definitely Chummy (Marissa) and a few vegan instagrammers – annietarasova & goodhealthgoodvibes are my fav right now!

#2  Was it hard when you started?

Not at all! I thought it would have felt as if I was dying but no, it was such an amazing feeling (&still is), to be able to say NO to the food you don’t want to eat, not cause you HAVE to but because you WANT to.

I think I have God to thank for this because when I started, I’ve always prayed to have strength and determination for I know this is what I want.

#3  Doing this limits your food choices,
do you regret not being able to eat certain kinds of food?

Okay, to non-vegans, they feel as if we’re limiting the food God gave us or whatever but to us, we don’t feel that way. I personally never felt as if I was limited to certain food choices because I realized how much more I can always opt for. So no, I have never regretted (not even ‘bakkwa’ / jerky and that is saying a lot because I used to be obsessed with them!)

#4  Why not just go fully vegetarian?

BABY STEPS. I wanted to take this seriously. I knew if I went straight to full on vegan, I would crash and burn. It’s like, when you’re learning a new sport, you don’t straight away join the games without understanding the game and practice first right? It’s something like that but I have been thinking about going fully vegan in the future when I’m on my own.

#5  Is it cheaper or more expensive being pescetarian?

I guess it depends for me. It’s actually almost the same but it also depends on what fish you decide to spend on. Obviously when I buy salmon it’ll be crazy expensive but usually a block of salmon will last me for a week.

#6  What positive things have you achieved/have happened through being pescetarian?

Being a pescetarian is already an achievement for me! I definitely have loved myself much more and feel more content with myself.

#7  If you had children would you let them grow as pescetarians or as any other kid?

I definitely will not force it on them. I don’t want to take that choice away from them. I’ll let them eat normally yet educate them about the different type of vegans at the same time. They can decide on their own when they feel they’re ready.

#8  What's the best thing about being pescetarian?

Being exposed to the different type of food choices one would not usually make.

#9  How can you resist mcd like how?

Hahahahahaha! Self-control and know how badly I want this for myself. Plus, they have Fillet O’ Fish! Though, before that I’ve been practicing to stay away from fast food so it helps in a way.

#10  Being a pescetarian, how do you think that affected your lifestyle?

I thought I would ask another fellow pescetarian I know to answer this and here is her answer :
I have been happier and content with my views on food. I don't resent or restrict anyone from eating their meat tho, that's not what being pescetarian means. It boosts my confidence knowing that I'm doing the world a little good.

I have been planning on writing about this for a while now and I finally decided to do it. I understand that we all have our own opinions and differences. I wanted to share how amazing this impact has brought onto my life. I’m not forcing my opinion on anyone and I hope none do the same to me. We all have that one thing that makes us happy and this is my ‘one thing’.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love you all. 


  1. omg idk why?!
    i just decided to come to your blog and i found this post and then i was like wtf i'm pescetarian too

    are we going through the same cycle or something
    first the hair now this

    miss having you around, jinfo

    1. OMG GIRL! Hahaha when did you start being pescetarian? I miss your randomness also. Please tell me when you're back and we can go on pescetarian feast! Hehs