H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

So, I'm back with Episode 3! Hahaha, thank goodness we're having sem break right now so Eros is back in Melaka therefore we're on a break. Which means, no cafe hunting for a month, which means I get to update this series! *claps gleefully*

Anyway, we visited this little cafe because of Amylia. She works there and asked us to pay the place a little visit because she guaranteed that it's really nice so we took her word for it!

 C   O   N   S   T   A   N   T     G   A   R   D   E  N   E  R     C   A   F   E

{ Ground floor of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building
9, Lebuh Light, 10200, Georgetown, Penang
Tue - Sun 09:00 - 00:00  /  +604  251  9070 }

   Honestly, I did not expect that The Chinese Chambers of Commerce (my brain calls it 'The Chamber of Secrets') would have a quaint cafe like this. I really like the ambience here. I've been here alone before and it's really very peaceful. The cafe gives off a modern indie/hipster vibe, to me. I especially like this one setting of a nice comfy chair facing the window. Ooh! Not to mention their cushions makes me feel all so retro, I love it! This is so far my favorite place to chill, with company or not.

    Now, all of this are not under one visit. I've been here multiple times so I thought why not just expand this post a little? Since I didn't had the time to update my blog and I visited so often. So, shall we? 


This cake is heavenly! Normally, I don't like anything that has raspberry inside because I don't know if it's artificial or not. I really dislike the artificial raspberry flavoured anything, it's just gross. Anyway, this cake contains 70% Belgium chocolate mousse, 70% Belgium chocolate base, raspberry cream and almond bits. Oohhh, so fancy! Eros enjoyed this cake a lot!


I remembered that Amylia recommended this on my first visit. Being a huge dark chocolate fan, I loved this. It contains 75% cacao, which is my favorite amount when I always buy chocolate in stores. There's a tinge of acidity but it's still enjoyable tho some of you may vary. 

     LATTE  /   RM12

I had this another time, by myself aka alone time(also an upcoming blogpost). I think by now y'all noticed that I never miss a good cup of latte. Latte is my absolute favorite! I really enjoyed this one because the coffee was strong and the milk just compliments it, the way I like it.


Oohhh! Definitely recommend this one! The pastry is so good and I was shocked that the apple did not taste weird. I don't usually try this kind of things but Amylia insisted so why not? Overall, it's really yums and one should always try this.

   These are just the little things Amylia let us try. The first one is  Mango Blue Lagoon (one of Amylia's creations) and my goodness, it's so good I just want to drink that all day! I forgot what's the other one but it's some sort of coffee (sorry, it has been that long, that I forgot). Definitely for coffee lovers! They're also adding more things to their menu! They're currently serving coffee, tea, milkshakes, smoothies, Smooshie juices, pastries, cakes, ice cream sandwiches, COOKIE ICE CREAM SANDWICHES *OMG DROOLS*! I'm so going back soon to try out their cookie ice cream sandwiches once cafe bae(Eros) comes back!

 Another episode comes to an end! As always, I hope whoever you are, enjoyed my little foodventure with my good friend. Love y'all who  takes the time to visit this lonely blog. ✌

p/s : Eros, yes CAFE BAE. I just came up with it so don't judge me. ( #erfyfrannieversary )

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