H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  ❤ 

Okay, today's post is not only to help those of you wish to plan your finance more delicately (Yes, delicately.), but it's actually a self-help kind of thing too. If you're close to me, you would already realize by now that I have a problem. I'm not sure if I am a shopaholic, but maybe I am, but then maybe I just don't want to admit it. So, I have serious ass issues where I want to buy whatever I see that's deem worthy, which can be bad. You know why? Cause I wouldn't mind starving the whole month to get the things I want. Either that or I convince myself that I have enough money for the whole month, then I will somehow spend it all without realizing. Like I said, I have issues.

I find this very very useful, despite my ridiculous splurges! It helps me decide what I need more and also plan my monthly budget better. Plus, listing them down actually make me realized how much stuff I don't really need.

Count your cash and make sure you have enough first. You don't have be good in accounting for this. A simple one will help you. What I do is I write down the things with the price, then I just see if I can afford it for that month without having to starve myself.

Let's face it, window shopping never works so this is what I like to call post-shopping, which is go to all the places you want WITHOUT your purse. This is when I already know what I want, so I just go into the stores and look at the products and just analyze very carefully if I really need it. Plus, window shopping never works for me anyway. I end up buying EVERYTHING.

One cannot have Korean food every week or even get a cup of damn coffee everyday. Either coffee everyday and cheap food every day or wait, no if you korean every week, you're dead. Well, that's me. For a few months. So sacrifice people! Now I try to just stay home as much as possible. Force myself to work from home instead of a cafe. 

Okay, I was really busy in the month of August which kind of explains of the lack of posts when I have so much planned for it. Anyway, I went to Melaka and KL in that month, plus, Claudia and Karl came back so yeah, my month was packed. On top of that, when I came back from KL, my hard disk totally failed on me. Everything is gone - my whole life is in there. It's still heartbreaking eventhough it has been weeks already. My blog posts, pictures, memories, they're all there. So you can imagine how demotivated I was to even blog anymore. So I didn't. Honestly, I still can't believe they're all gone because I really had a lot planned. Well, I guess that's that. Till next time loves!



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