H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

" If you're happy, if you're feeling good, 
then nothing else matters. "    
 - Robin Wright

I got this idea a week ago because I have been making these a lot. Plus, a few of my friends were wondering what I put in my smoothies so why not? So, smoothies. I never liked any healthy stuff before. These words would usually pop into my head when I see them or asked to try it - 'Ew' or 'Disgusting'. I used to rather die then eat any healthy things. Oh goodness, now I just love love loveeee it! I switch my coffee with this every morning now. It's  way much more healthy and it gives me twice the energy (which I need for college). Now, lets start. 


  Don't decide that it is weird or disgusting just yet! You'd probably say 'Ew, how could you even' by now but it's really yummy! Trust me on this one. For those of you who dislike veggies, you could give this a try, but honestly, it takes time to get use to this drink. This is only my second time making it but this time, I really love it. Plus, it a great detoxing drink.

 Okay, basically I just cut the ingredients into smaller sizes so it's easier to blend. You can add either water or cold green tea. Then I just blend it till the texture I prefer and I'm done. It's super fast and easy (yummy too!). I usually use frozen banana so that the texture would be more creamy. I think the key to a perfect green smoothie would be a good banana but my chummy thinks that it's the cucumber. See, it's up to your taste really. It depends on what you prefer better.


  This is the most basic smoothie I think. The choice of berries is yours of course. I usually use blueberries and strawberries but I didn't have blueberries this time so. I use low fat milk because it's a better choice and I like the taste better. I just shove everything into the blender, including the chia seeds. Most of the time I will just stir the chia seeds in the drink after blending but seeing that the frozen banana and greek yogurt will thicken the drink so I blend it instead.


  I like to refer this as the refreshing smoothie. I'd rather have a cup of this than ice cream on a hot sunny day (which is how it is here majority of the time). Obviously I blend the watermelon along with a few slices of cucumber and water. Again, you can use cold green tea here instead of just cold water. After I'm done blending, I would just add a tsp/tbsp of chia seeds and stir it. Then leave it in the fridge for a while, till the seeds absorb the liquid and become jelly-like which will thicken the drink. Then voilĂ ! You're good to go. 


  Hahah! Okay, I came up with the first name and my friend, Bella, came up with the other one. Lame but cute, I like it! Anyway, I usually drink this before volleyball because it gives me tons of energy. So I won't be a sloth when I'm there. I honestly think this is the best drink before working out.

So, I just dump everything in the blender and blend blend blend till it's the texture that I want. BUT for this, I make sure it's not as creamy because I add the chia seeds after. So it won't all clog up my throat when I drink it. Once I add the chia seeds, I just leave it for a little while then I'll put it in my bottle and drink it on the way to the beach.

Well, we've come to an end to this post. I hope y'all enjoy it. If y'all do try it or change it up, do tell me on my askfm (it's on the right side of my blog). Even if this all seem odd to you, try it anyway! You either would come to love it or just find out that it's not your cup of tea. Either way, you don't lose anything. Why not give it a try before deciding you hate it?