H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

Before you guys start bombing me with questions on how I got these, I didn't. I got them as a birthday present from a very good friend of mine, Claudia. I can't begin to express how much I love this girl. There I was telling her how I wanted to buy them but convinced myself that I don't need them. One day, she just told me she got them for me! Ahhhh, sweet! She's always spoiling me with gifts and food. Who needs a BAE when you have Claudia right? Haha! She's very BAE worthy. Boys, please take note. Haha!

Guys, I don't know how much it cost to get it to ship here because she got it for me from Perth. May God bless us with free shipping, yeah? Now, lets get on with it shall we? Oh, just a little disclaimer, Eros took these amazing flat lays cause even Hades knows I can't take flat lays for life! Hey, but I'm learning now alright? 

Now, let's get on with the review and swatches, shall we?

Alright, if you want me to create 'looks' with these Kylie Lip Kits, just comment down below or leave me a note on my here. I'd love to come up with them! Also, a few tips : ONE, always apply lip balm before applying your foundation or whatnot. That way, it gives time to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick, especially ones with a matte finished. TWO, you can sharpen the lip pencil. You would think that it'd be hard to sharpen cause of the plastic, but no, some kind of sorcery is going on with this lip pencil, mate! THREE, after applying any kind of matte lipstick, pat your translucent powder on your lips. A little trick I do to make it last longer!

Oh and please excuse my bare non-lethal face. Turns out my skin reacted badly to one of my clay masks.

When I swatched Koko K and Candy K, there was a difference, but in the photos, they look EXTREMELY similar. I swear they're different! I've looked and checked a  thousand times! 

KOKO K is a pale pink shade. When I first applied it, I thought I couldn't pulled it off. I was wrong! With the right outfit, and makeup, it looks so pretty. Definitely something very different for me as I don't quite fancy pink.

CANDY K is a warm nude pink shade. I'm so in love with this colour! It's my second favorite among the four! It's definitely my go-to. Plus, it goes so well with my skin tone! 

DOLCE K is a brownish-nude shade. I was pretty unsure if this would even suit me because I've never tried this colour itself or shades close to this before. BOY, was I wrong! I love to pair this with gray tone outfits! 

22 is a vibrant orange shade. For some reason, the colour doesn't quite show on photos as you can see it's more of a neon fire truck red. Those of you who love orange tone shades, please go for this! I've always loved orange lipsticks and I absolutely adore 22!

OVERALL " The great thing about the Kylie Lip Kit is that they last for a very long time. As long as 8 hours, without touching up. Of course, that is if you eat carefully. They're also pretty moisturizing, though like most liquid lipstick, they do tend to get a little chapped after the 5th hour. I'm not sure if other people have a problem with this, but whenever I touch up, I need to apply a thick layer of lip balm before applying or else my lips will get chapped easily. ANYWAY,  I definitely recommend this as it is of great quality even if it is more on the pricey side! Hey, if you think it's worth it to YOU, then why the heck not right? "

All good things come to an end and so does this blog post! I hope you guys enjoyed that! I was inspired to do this after finishing my How To Budget post. Wondered why I didn't thought of it sooner!


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