H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  ❤ 

I'm back with another episode! I'm finally up to date with Eros, about time! Speaking of Eros, he is featured on Excuse My Beauty! I'm so happy for him, it's such a great opportunity and he deserves it because that boy is a skincare maniac! Go check him out on his blog !  

2  F  +       C  O  F  F  E  E     

b  y     Y  E  L  L  O  W     H  O  U  S  E

2F, Jalan Paya Terubong, 11060 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Daily   Mon - Thu   15:00 - 22:30  ;  Fri   13:00- 23:30,  
Sat   10:00 - 00:00  ;  Sun   10:00 - 22:30  / +60 12-421 1714   }

  We actually found this cafe thanks to a college assignment research. This is not your usual town cafe. It's wayyyyy on the outskirts of town. Though, I believe it is worth the travel. It is such a quaint cafe. Oh heaven forbids, I fell in love with the place the moment I saw it. It's so modern rustic. Well, to me it's modern rustic. The ambiance is really calming. Just the place you would want to be for some quiet time. 

  Remember when you always step into a place and the aroma of the coffee just fills it, please just don't even bother giving the place a second thought. Grab a chair, order a cup and just chill. Anyway, shall we?

     BAGEL LOVE     RM15

This was Eros's order and here's his thought on it :

" I had this bagel and it was totally worth the RM15. I was really hungry when I came and it managed to fill me up. The bacon was really nice and crispy and it was the highlight of the whole bagel. The bagel itself was fresh and didn't seem like it was old bread (aka they either bake their bagels or have it delivered freshly) "


This was not the worse thing I had but it was also not a good one. It was quite bad, to me. Maybe it was left for too long but the bagel was hard. It might be my fault also. So I would definitely ask y'all to try it yourself. Sadly, it was just a bad experience for me and I was super hungry at that time. I wouldn't mind giving it another try.

    BANANA KICK     RM10

To be totally honest, I was looking forward to the waffle the most, haha! Well, I was craving for them so you can't blame me. This was such a mouthwatering sinful dessert, but it is so good! Their waffles look really good so I would ask y'all to go crazy and try them all. Tho, I definitely recommend this one!


I know I usually prefer my coffee hot, but it was scorching hot that day I was just dying for something cold and sweet. It was enjoyable but mediocre. 


Sorry, I don't have a decent photo of this. Okay, Eros didn't enjoy his drink as much. I tried the drink and it's definitely meant for coffee lovers and also those who are more to the bitter side (you know what I mean).

" This says caramel but omg it was hella bitter! I should have Googled what a shakerato was! This was just too bitter for me, too bitter to enjoy. Espresso lovers light like it but for me...nope. "

  So that's that! I really liked how the pictures turned out this time. Also, I have one more week of sem break left and can't wait to go back and finish up my last semester. I hope you good people enjoyed this episode! Do give it a visit, despite the distance. I genuinely think it's worth the travel.

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