H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  ❤ 

Do you think that we expect a lot? Are our expectations unrealistic? How much do we expect of ourselves, others or from a situation itself? Is it bad that we have high expectations? If so, how do we control it? It's easy to say "Oh, just don't overthink it." Well, I want to see the person who tells me that does that without feeling as if they're gonna see Hades for the first time.

 I apologize for this rant. I have been feeling out of place lately. My semester break hasn't been entirely happy or relaxing. I needed it to be peaceful instead I got all the unnecessary stress and a thousand of bad news. Yes, there were good moments but when you're mentally unhappy; it somehow gets in the way. I've been trying to be happy but I failed miserably. HOWEVER, yesterday has been good. I woke up to the weather being good (thank you Mother Nature). I didn't sleep well but somehow the good vibe just came back crawling.  

NOW, back to expectations. I'm the type of person who expects a lot of myself and sometimes others (others - family, a friend or whatnot). I am that idiot that's willing to do whatever for you, to make you happy, when I feel like you're someone I should cherish. Yeah, nobody asked me to do so but I'm pretty sure when the feeling is mutual one wouldn't mind going the extra mile for the other - be it your family, friends or significant other. 

I've been expecting a lot of things lately - from myself and others. I was hoping for the best in my heart but secretly I was also expecting something. Expectation and hope - are they the same thing? What do you guys think? I think that expectation is like you have a strong belief that it'll happen while hope is just like praying for the best of things, it's more like a desire.

I don't know how to get rid of having high expectations but 
I definitely know how to get out of the emotional state it leaves you with. 

#1  S O M E T H I N G     C A L M I N G

     Do something that calms you down. I prefer hiking, swimming at night or both. It gets me out of my poo mood and I'll be with little rays of sunshine for days!

#2  B A T H
      Get your ass in the bathtub please. It really does get your mind off things especially with a good book or an amazing playlist. Lit up some candles, get a your favorite drink in a fancy glass and just enjoy the moment. I strongly recommend a rubber ducky. 

Some of you are lucky to have a bathtub so please, make use of it. I usually just go for a cold or warm shower, depends on my emotions. 

#3  F R I E N D S

     I wish I can say family but how many of us actually confide to our family? I do tell my family things, but not things that I know they won't find a decency to understand because they think it's not that big of a deal. So I don't need to feel way worse therefore, friends are usually the best for this kind of situations. 

PLEASE do yourselves a favor and don't go hang out with those that are no help at all. At this crucial state of mind, just hang out with one or two and not the whole village. 

I've been hanging out at the beach at night with Nyara for the past two weeks and that woman can make any sad soul laugh. Thank you. 

#4  K E E P     Y O U R S E L F     B U S Y 

      Go ahead! Drown yourself in that whole dunk of movies that you've watched for the 100th time. You can be busy with that or watch DeeKosh's videos on YouTube (you can watch your fav of course but I personally recommend DeeKosh). Another option would be rant blogging/writing.

#5  G O O D     F O O D 

     I don't think anyone can ever be sad when good food is around. If you are, you're in a very serious situation but it's okay, I feel you. There were times when I was so down in the lower than hell dumps, no amount of good food would make me feel happy. If it's this case, I suggest that you get a little bit better than your usual and slowly it'll come back. Trust me.

For the others, just get all your cravings fixed. Emotional people have cravings too.

#6  P A M P E R     Y O U R S E L F

      I heard that retail shopping is the best therapy, which is kinda true. It works for everyone, not only girls. So prepare you cash and get ready to spend on yourself - clothes, shoes (SHOES BOYS SHOES), buffet dinner, mani pedi, whatever that floats your boat.

#7  S I N G

     HOLY CRACKERS. I find this the most satisfying. Well, partly cause I love singing but some of you can't deny that it does lift some of the burden off your chest (or mind). Just get that karaoke room or your car, and just hit those notes!

P/s :Try not to turn to smoking, drinking, drugs or self-abuse because they never help, ever. They make you feel worse, trust me okay? I've been through it myself and seen a decent amount of people who went through it. You do not want to put yourself through that. You're worth much more. 

Well, that's the end of my rant post. I decided to make it a series (kinda). SKNY DSY is actually Skinny Daisy. There's a backstory to this name. Let's just say it was one of my worse periods in life. For those of you, who actually read to the end, thank you for hearing me out. I appreciate it, truly. 

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