H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  ❤ 

 Sem break has officially started but it's only for two weeks, well better than nothing. So why not welcome my two weeks of freedom with a new wild flower child series? I decided to name this one 'Modern Wild Flower Child'. The reason I called this one 'modern' is because of the little modern touch on a quite hipster outfit. The vision of this was really clear in my mind, so I hope you guys see it too! I also have a few ideas for this series and I'm so excited!

 On a not so happy note, I haven't been feeling the best lately but thank God with good company for the past few days, my happy level is now at the satisfactory level. I'll also be going back to work soon and actually I'm pretty glad that I'm going back. It has been a while and I'm starting to miss the feeling of earning money and not running out of them. So I'm ready to welcome the not broke life back. Shall we?

M   O   D   E   R   N       W   I   L   D

 F   L   O   W   E   R       C   H   I   L   D

{ P H O T O G R A P H E R  :  E R O S   E R F E }

^ Hahahaha! This is my favourite photo omg look at that magical creature.

 As always, I enjoy what I post and I hope you lovelies enjoy them too! It has been a while since I've took any photos so I was pretty awkward when these were taken. I am way too tan now as y'all can see, aha! So you can imagined how shocked I was when my foundation shade does not match me anymore. Oh well, I guess no makeup for a long while now. I have been getting used to not wearing makeup everyday. Honestly, I really like it and I think my skin enjoys it too. I don't look like a troll without so I shall not fret.

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