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  B E A U T I F U L S !  

Sorry I haven't been sticking to my blog schedule because I've been dead. So, I recently invested in a foundation. I've wanted to get a good foundation that is perfect for my skin type ever since I tried the Innisfree’s Water Balance Foundation. After researching for a super long time, I decided to give the Bourjois Air Mat Foundation a try. Initially, I wanted to get the Revlon Airbrush Foundation but I read that it was quite shimmery and I don't need that on my face. I don’t want to be a Cullen (yet).

  I found out about this brand through Zoella years ago and wanted to get my hands on any of their stuff for years! I was very intrigued by Zoe’s rave over their bronzer and that has been on my wish list since forever! Anyway, you can imagine my excitement when I saw Bourjois in our local drugstore, Watsons! Goodness, the excitement really!

Now let’s get to it shall we?

(DISCLAIMER : This post is not sponsored. Everything said is
 based on my honest opinion. I purchased this with my own money k )

 I used to apply my Innisfree foundation with my fingers. That was long before I discovered the power of brushes! Hahah! I realized there is a huge difference when you’re applying with your fingers and brush. Even by using a sponge it gives a totally different effect. Since then I never liked using my fingers (plus, it gets a bit messy).

 So I thought I’d use a sponge and brush in this review so you can decide which one looks better. Personally, I prefer using a brush instead of a sponge. If you don’t have a brush it’s okay. I used to think that brushes are a waste of money but they’re not. They are seriously a good investment so those of you who are thinking of getting brushes, make sure you get good ones okay? You wouldn’t want to spend over RM100+ and find out that they’re bad or not suitable for you. 

{  M  Y      O  P  I  N  I  O  N  }

    I really love the finish of this foundation on my face, sponge or brush. It gives a matte finish as it promised. You know how sometimes you feel like you have 1001 things on your face? Yeah, I don’t get that at all for this one, which is absolutely amazing! It doesn’t melt off your face at all if you’re didn’t sweat. It only wears off a little at certain areas for me, places where I sweat the most – under eyes, forehead and nose. It’s there but not #makeupgamestrong, get me? Hahah! It’s hydrating as well. This foundation is also build-able. I achieve medium to almost-full coverage with only one layer and to get 100% full coverage, I just dab a bit more on my problem areas. Overall, I really love this foundation. I definitely recommend this. 

    I hope you guys enjoyed this post as I had fun doing this. I was updating this on the way to my hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year. I haven’t been feeling nervous or dread of going back so all is well. Hopefully good vibes this whole week! I really want to enjoy this festive season at least once. Have a good Chinese New Year guys and happy holidays (1 week but still, better than nothing)

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