H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

 I'm back with another episode of this series! I am still way way wayyyy behind compared to Eros but the important thing is not giving up, which I'm not. Why am I typing at 3 in the morning? Explains why no amount of foundation or concealer can cover up this black hole dark circles. 

 This cafe happened last semester when Eros and I were going around the town area hunting down for assignment purposes. For some weird reason all the managers were away on that day. Eros concluded that they all went for a Cafe Manager Meeting, hahah! Sounds legit to me. After scouting for (what feels like a hundred) a few cafes and getting tired of rejections, we were thrilled when Black Kettle said yes! Eros was the one who talked to them, so he got to see the place and the moment he got back in the car, he was saying how nice the cafe looked and that their pastries looks amazing. 

  The next visit (still for assignment purposes), we decided to just have lunch there. It was a very good excuse to try out the food and also for blog purposes. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car so some of the photos today are Eros’s one. I’m so careless, why? 

Anyway, our guests for this episode are Gerald, Euri and Yana. Euri and Yana are Eros’s flesh, haha no, they’re his siblings. I’m so lame today, help me. Probably the effect of insufficient sleep. No seriously, I haven’t been getting my hours for a week plus, like I should. Haha!


B L  A  C  K      K  E  T  T  L  E

{ 105, Beach Street, 10300 George Town, Malaysia
Daily 08:00 – 00:00 / +60 4-251 9270 }

 I really love the interior of this place. It gives me so many vibes at once (or is it just me?).  The moment you walk in the café, you’ll see bakery heaven (unless, you walk through the back door that is). The aroma of the coffee and freshly baked goods, oh my heavenly goodness! I think my mother will flip if I bring here. She is some crazy bread eater; I don’t know how she does it. Not sure about you but it gives me a very quaint high class French feel, which is really nice. Omg, I absolutely love this one part where the sun just shines in the place. The menu compliments the ambience perfectly. The price is pretty okay too. 

We decided to go for tea this time, cause well, why not? Let's just get to it.




 Obviously, I can't try this so this is what Eros thought about Yana's order :

" This was Yana's order and after trying it I found it to be so-so. There wasn't anything really special about it except for the bread used (which I found savory but would have preferred it thicker). "


  Euri ordered this and it looks pretty fancy but it doesn't look worth it but here's what Euri thought of it : 

" The bread was not too burnt or too soft, just right. The insides (ham, egg) were just right, unlike other sandwiches that are too thick and overflow. The cherry tomatoes were enjoyable and gave a savoury touch to the sandwich. "


  This was Gerald's order. He finally joined us for one of our episodes! He was supposed to be there for Episode 2 but he had work. Oh well, anyway, he said that it was good and Eros definitely recommend it for meat lovers!  

     150 GRAMS BEEF BURGER  • RM24

 Eros had this and it reminded me of the time I was so obsessed with beef.

" This was my order and I was satisfied with it. The meat was cooked to perfection and the caramelized onions really complimented the meat. The bread wasn't the typical sesame seed breaded bun as well! 

I rate this a 4/5! I'd definitely recommend this dish! "


 OMG. When I saw this on the menu I got so excited. I was full and didn't want something heavy and this was perfect! I find this good but my heart still goes to Secawan and Such for this one. The egg was fluffy (c'mon who doesn't like fluffy eggs?). Everything on the plate was darn good. You guys should try this if you ever pay the cafe a visit. I just wish they'd put more Rocket on the plate. 

So that's a wrap for another (way behind) episode! As always, I hope you guys enjoyed the post as much as I am, working on it. Questions are always welcomed on my usual askfm.


  1. Get me an invite the next time Team Creative are heading to Black Kettle. A very good write up except it gets too lengthy at some parts.

    1. Thanks Mr Robert 😊😊 Yes, we will definitely. 👌