H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

     Let me just update you guys for a bit before I get to the post. So it's sem break now. It started last week but I hardly had any time to update my blog. Exams ended on 1st December and I had work after the last paper. Wednesday and Thursday were practically my rest days. I forgot what I did but I think I went out w Eros.

Friday, 4th December '15 - Secret Santa    |                             The gang and I (The Breakfast Club) had our Secret Santa gift exchanging. I'm calling out on all of them cause they all cheated. Well, that's another blog post. Anyway, I went to Langkawi for a short holiday from the 5th-9th and yes, there will also be another blog post about that (hopefully). So now I'm back and everyday is gonna be work for me because laying in bed isn't gonna make me happy. Plus, I have so many things to pamper myself with.


W  I  L  D     F  L  O  W  E  R     C  H  I  L  D

    WHY WFC ?  :  Well, I am pretty wild. Not as in 'oh party and get wasted every night'. As in my mindset and the things I do and say. My kind of wild is my loudness, perkiness, aggression, defensiveness. Flower child because I'm soft-hearted, quite forgiving, believe that people are genuinely kind and that everyone deserves a SECOND chance.

   I was frustrated with my hair a few months back because well, I'm keeping it long now and it's UGLEHHH. So I thought what better way to make it glamorous other than dyeing it? I've been wanting blue hair for a while now so why not? Eros and I were playing around with the flower crown and had an idea so I hereby present you the outcome of this fabulous series. *self-praise but cmon look at them - fabulous much*

 I actually had more photos in mind but busy busy busy so it didn't happen. Anyway, I have another idea for this series so stay tuned! I hope y'all enjoyed the photos because I had fun 'modeling'! It's funny how this idea came by just so randomly. If you have any questions you can ask them on my askfm or tumblr.

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