H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

"Oh, you're so rich." No, I'm not rich. I just happened to believe that one should spoil themselves with good food + amazing ambiance, once in a blue moon. Back to #CHEF (cafe hopping with Eros and Fufy/Éffy), We decided to try out this place I've been wanting to try out since July, haha! Truth be told, I tempted Eros with the photos of the place! God knows he cannot resist a place like this. I've been here before and that was a thousand years ago, and that was when I couldn't afford anything. Not shitting you, I was just accompanying my friends. Anyway, sssh, let's carry on! 

43 D, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Kampung Batu Feringgi, 11100 Batu Feringghi,
 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia ;  DAILY  08:00 - 18:00 }

NOW, do we really have to talk about the ambiance? Have the photos not conquered your heart yet? I mean, c'mon, fellow Insta fam, a quick glance at Ferringhi Coffee Garden and you already know all the spots for good photo op! I love how it feels like we're somewhat in a whole different setting. Truly a charming place for breakfast/brunch! Right, we're done with the eye feeding, now the stomach!

{ Oh, food time.}

This was definitely extravagant! It may seem like it's very little but trust me when I say, it takes forever to finish this. There's a generous amount of salmon, which I love and also, the mash potato underneath was just the cherry on top! Every element complemented each other so well. Definitely recommend this, especially if you love salmon! Oh, the egg was so beautifully poached, my inner little chef heart shed a tear. 

This was Eros's order, and he said that it was worth for the price and the dish was perfect. I thought it was quite alright after taking a bite. Secawan 'N' Such Salmon Benedict gives more mouthgasm! Yes, my benedict heart has been taken. 🙈

I actually have videos of both eggs EXPLODING but for some reason, the video can't be played. 😞

This tea stood out among the others, so we decided to try something different! It tasted sour-sweet to me, but in a good way. It was definitely refreshing and holy cow, their homemade biscuit that came with it was so damn good! They taste like the Famous Amos cookies! Yes, that's how good it is. They sell their cookies too, so if you're interested, you can just pop on by and purchase them. 

Overall, everything was amazing! I just really loved the setting of the place and goodness, I want their playlist! A Perfect Jazzy Garden Brunch! The outdoor wasn't even hot or humid, knowing our Malaysian weather. It's actually cooler, all thanks to the all the greens. No doubt I'll go back because the music has won my heart, haha! Although they charge both GST + Service Tax, still worth, in my opinion.

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