H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

It's almost one in the morning and here I am trying to keep my promise. Well, at least I'll type half of it first. I'll just talk about my night first. Okay, we reached Esplanade around 4pm and I had four hours to panic so I did. When it was time for our performance, I was ready (or at least that's what I thought). I was fine, everything was fine but then right after the first voice cracked. It was not only 'Oh, it's just a crack. I can fix it.' IT WAS NOT, I THOUGHT I COULD FIX IT. My voice was cracking and trembling the whole way. My hands were shaking, I had cold flushes, my chest tightened, nothing was coming out from my throat and my stomach felt sick. Yes, I had a bloody panic attack on the bloody stage! I've never experienced any panic attacks as horrid as this. This is hard for me to admit honestly but I just want to share this horrifying night(for me) with you guys. YES, I HAVE AN EXTREME HIGH LEVEL OF ANXIETY. NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR ANYTHING FUNNY. THIS THING RUINS YOUR LIFE AND SOMETIMES YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. AND WHEN YOU HAVE PANIC ATTACKS IT'S VERY VERY VERY HARD TO CALM YOURSELF.

After the performance, I was so embarrassed and felt so bloody useless. I've been going through this thing, where I am constantly fighting with myself, and when I find something that allows me to be NORMAL - I SCREWED IT UP. I was shaking for an hour after the performance. I couldn't get myself together at all. I was so so upset that if I was not in a public place I would be throwing plates and banging things. At 830pm, it was time for the choir performance. I didn't want to do it anymore and just wanted to tell Mr George I was not feeling well but Farts told me to not to give up and I felt like it's very irresponsible if I just back out like that. Honestly, I am very glad that I did it. I felt whole when I was standing in a group. It made sense cause I was in the choir during my high school years. I guess the self-conscious/anxiety me was not ready. So if any of you have anxiety or know anyone who has anxiety, sometimes you need to talk about it to your chums or family and try to overcome it. Cause I've been ignorant towards it and now it's getting worse. It won't go away if you leave it just like that.


After Uncle Albert's we headed off to Delicious for some desert. It's only my second time and the first time I just bought a cake home. Anyway, I ordered the Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream, Yin Foong had the Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting and Tiffany had Peach and Banana Crumble Slice with Vanilla Ice Cream. We wanted to order their Chocolicious Sundae with fresh strawberries but their ice cream is limited so *inserts sad emoji*

By far the best brownie I've ever had! Mmmmm heaven in my mouth! I really like the taste of the chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream together. When the waitress brought me the brownie and I saw the amount of chocolate, I thought "Ughh that much chocolate? Really? I'm not going to finish it" WELL I THOUGHT WRONG. It was amazing! It was not sickening (for me). I usually can't take a lot of chocolate or I'll vomit but this one is fine. The brownie is not super thick with  the taste of chocolate or super sweet cause when you eat it with the melted ice cream, it's diabetes sweet but just right. I would definitely recommend this but if you are on a date with a guy, do keep a good reminder about the chocolate stain on your teeth later on! (:

I had a bite of this and I didn't like it(I'm sorry Red Velvet lovers). I've always wonder what's so special about Red Velvet that people love so much. All I could taste was the cream cheese frosting and nothing from the cake. To me, it's just cake with red colouring/beetroot. Maybe I just don't know how to appreciate Red Velvet Cakes. But hey, this is just my opinion. 

I did not try this cause it gave me the idea that it was chicken on a pie and I was just like HELL NO. Tiffany didn't seem to enjoy it as much. I think she said it tasted weird and cold? I guess it's supposed to be cold? My apologies but I can't say much about this one. ):

One thing I really like about Delicious is their ambiance. It gives me the feeling "Oh I feel so posh, I would love to have a lovely tea date here with my chums." I especially like when I get to sit by the glass window where I get the sea view. 
Their service wasn't as friendly yesterday but I guess they were just tired. I understand the pain as a fellow EX waitress. Their cakes always finish fast so we can see that it's really good but then it depends on your liking too. The price for their deserts are reasonable for the portion is equivalent to the price. Although, if you wish to have desert here, I would suggest you to not eat too much the meal before due to the quite big portion for a desert unless you don't mind feeling stuffed, either that or you have a big appetite. (: 


So that's my first little review, hope you readers like it. If you do or you have anything else to suggest that'll help me improve, do leave me some questions or comments on my askfm -

P/s : Credits to Tiffany Foo for her help - pictures.

Fong Jin Fo, Denise