H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

Took note of the title? It was not boring actually, my mood was horrible hence me being a pain in the ass. But whatever, I was fine after that. 

Okay, since it's been a month since Mars, Farts and I spend time together so yeah. We went to Kayu for lunch and then to Paragon. That's from one end to another cause I think petrol is like one cent. Mmmhmmmm. We didn't watch any movie, mostly window shopping oh, except for Farts cause she seldom spoils herself. 

Had tea at Ben's - I had the Chocolate Truffle, Farts had the Walnut Brownie and Mars had the Ben's House Salad (I think). Mars asked me to try her salad cause it's good, even Farts liked it. BUT I never liked salad. I always find them weird, ugh they ain't my thing. So they asked me to give it a try and asked me to be brave(bloody resolution!). It took me like 5 minutes to stare at it and put it in my mouth. From the smell of it I already know I will bloody hate it but stuff that alien in my mouth anyway. I didn't even dare to chew the bloody thing. It was so hard for me to swallow the whole thing. Goddess, my body knows there's salad in it!! HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT TWO GLASSES OF WATER STILL HATE IT STILL HATING IT NOW ASDFGHJKLVTBEUR!  OMG THE WORST MOMENT OF MY BLOODY LIFE. Oh, we went to Piknik to surprise Daniel, that's it. x 

Appreciate you people who read my blog!
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