H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

So, it was just Chummy (Mars) and I yesterday. Farts couldn't join us due to work. It was a last minute thing really. Our actual plan was to just have lunch at Passions Of Kerala, Brown Garden (one of my favorite places) but then I suggested Paragon, so yeah. 

Okay, I was really hungry by the time we got there so I was a little barbaric haha! It was Chums first time there and I got a little excited. We ordered two Vegetarian Set , a plate of Fried Chicken(it's amazing y'all really need to try it!) and a plate of Fried Bitter Gourd. They have another branch in New World Park but I don't like that one. It's more pricey of course cause they have more expenses there. I prefer the one at Brown Garden, well maybe cause I've been going there ever since I was a little girl. OKAY BACK TO FOOD. Chums had the Mango Lassi and I had my usual, Teh Tarik. 

I'm sorry I always forget to take photos of the side dishes. Forgive me, I was really hungry. 
After a satisfying meal, we then head off to Paragon. All we did was a little window shopping, didn't buy anything except for some school stuff later on. 
Chums brought me to Cotton On and she found the cutest flats for me. I don't believe in pointy flats but this one is just too cute! Plus, it's super cheap. A real bargain! She thought it was the last one at first and in my size. So she was holding it around and said that I have to get it! Hahah, but we found out there were more of them after so I'm a lucky ass b*tch. I tried on this navy blue dress and goodness, I want that too! ):  Sigh.

We went to Padini after that and she asked me to try on this coral dress and SOMEBODY NEEDS TO SLAP THIS GIRL, she's making me want so many bloody things when I'm broke! Hahaha, rude. We were hogging the fitting room for like a half hour. 

I asked if we could head  to Sephora for I still haven't find the perfect dark shade colour that I wanted. Well, thank goodness we went or I wouldn't be able to find it! Can you imagine my joy when I found it after trying on different brands and shades?! It's the exactly what I want. I also found a blusher and bronzer in one compact. I've been finding for a good blusher and bronzer, if any of you have anything to recommend please do tell me on my askfm or inbox me? Links will be below. Really grateful if you guys can help! 

Moving on! I found the perfect Checkers and Denim Shirt at Brands Outlet! It's really huge and super comfy. C'mon, comfy checkers and denim? How could I ever resist? I even made a list already of what I'm going to buy once I get my salary. I'm gonna spend at least MYR300 for my wants, food and outing. It's not wrong to want to spoil myself a bit right? 

Oh! Debenhams has three dresses that I want so badly but even I know better to pay MYR245 for a dress despite the fact that it's perfect! I wouldn't even buy a dress for MYR100 ! Well, I don't have to own everything. It's good enough I can afford the things I want and deserve. Gotta spend within my means. 

Hmmms, decided to go to Piknik after our little window shopping and also to visit Daniel. I had the Dory Dory but I only ate a little for my body is back to rejecting food so I'm full most of  the time but I still need to eat or my gastric will strike again. I have a very complicated body, fat or skinny, it will be the same. Anyway, I'll just post the photos now. ☺

 OOTD :: I was going for something a little fitting this time 
for I was wearing too much of my loosey goosey tops.
Trying to be more comfortable with myself. 

^It was raining.



One of the most fun I had in a long time! I really enjoyed spending time with Chummy. Despite going through a hard time, I'm glad I have her in my life but with a better and stronger bond. x 


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