H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

Before I begin, I just want to apologize to those of you read my blog (and also to myself), that I stopped blogging on cafes for a long while now. If you click on the tag #cafehopping, you'll notice that Episode 8-15 are missing. That's because of my hard disk incident. To some of you it may be a minor setback, but it was a huge one for me. Honestly, I tried blogging about them but I just couldn't do it. Well, that 's alright. Eros did an amazing job on the reviews as always! So go on and check out his blog on the episodes that aren't available here! Thank you loves! 

Now, on with the review! I found out about this place when I was scrolling aimlessly on Facebook and boy, was I glad! First of all, the signboard itself told me that it will be a worth a visit. Lucky me, Eros came back to Penang for a week, so I suggested the place! Initially, we were supposed to be there on their Opening Day, but knowing Penangites, we decided to skip the hustle and bustle. 


{ 214, Lebuh Victoria, George Town, 10300
George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia ;
Daily  0800-2300 hour } 

I quite like the ambiance of the place - it might be that fact that there's plenty of glass panels, therefore the glasshouse feel. Frankly, without their center setting, it would have been like any other normal cafe (interior wise). Sweet Jesus, I most definitely love the center setting! It's basically a huge glass table filled with succulents, 'Lavish' floating above and the greatest lighting you'll ever get in your entire life! Oh, and Petals&Leafz, yes the online flower boutique, is sharing the lot with them! So I'm guessing you can shop directly and just drown in all the beautiful flowers!

It was disappointing that we couldn't see/taste the variety of pastries they offered because I've been a fan of their bakery, Love A Loaf, for a while now. Their creations were always pleasing to the eyes and stomach. However, their cakes seem pretty mediocre this time. Tho, I'm sure they'll definitely come up with better ones!

Menu wise, not all were fusion dishes but there were a few unique ones I would love to try out! There's this Cold Pasta that really intrigued me. I'm the person who likes their food nice and warm, but hey sometimes the food gets cold from all that photo taking. So, you get me right? 


 { Welcome to Fufy Eats / I look like I have my own eating show }

  THE PESTO  |  RM25.8

This was really good than expected! Maybe cause I was really hungry but no, there's just something about this dish that I really liked! The chicken looked good too! Of course, I don't eat them but from the looks of it, they were tender and nice.

   THE REAL CLASSIC CARBONARA  |  RM23.8 *apologies for the mistake in the photo*

From what the cashier told us, they do not use cream for their carbonara. This was Eros's dish but (obviously) I tried it, and I find it quite alright. It was different, but not a bad different. 



I'm starting to like macarons more, thanks to Eros. These were a nice fit to my taste buds - the sweetness was just nice.


Looks so pleasing and good, doesn't it? I'm sorry to say that this was disappointing. It was really bland and honestly, I make way better smoothies. Tho, this is just one smoothie. I'd love to try the others soon to see if they're good! So, guys, this one is a no from me.

Overall, I really like the place and the food is quite alright! I wouldn't mind giving it a second visit just to try out the rest of their menu and of course, pastries! Well, that's all for this review! I hope you guys enjoyed that! Till the next review, maybe? 

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