H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

If I'm not mistaken, this is actually the first review I have ever done. I had this drafted in my blog since mid October, I just never gotten the chance to actually use it as I was caught up with my stuff and when I did, I forgot to film and take photos! Such a careless mind sometimes, just terrible. 

" Q : W H A T   D O E S   I T   D O ?
  It's supposed to promote smooth, glowing skin as the  
mask contains mineral-enriched Brazilian black sugar.   

Q : H O W   O F T E N   D O   I   U S E   I T ?
 I only use the sugar scrub whenever my skin feels dry and flaky due to the weather or makeup.
 I try not to use it too much for my skin is really sensitive and that’ll cause breakouts. "

This is just a short clip of me, scrubbing my face., nothing unusual. I always start off by washing my face with a cleanser, before damping my face and applying the scrub. I tend to focus more on areas where I have dead skin and blackheads. Oh! Remember to leave it on for five minutes! That's why I like to make sure I do it before I get in the shower. By the time I'm done with my hair, I can wash it off.

(The video size was too damn big for Blogger, so YouTube it is!)

The thing I enjoy most about this scrub is not only the scrubbing (and that refreshing lemony scent)BUT the amazing feeling after washing it off. What is the softest thing you’ve ever touched? Whatever your answer is, your face will be winning that price after using this. I KID YOU NOT when I tell you - I FEEL LIKE MY FACE IS MADE OUT OF SILK! That moment you wash the scrub off your face, it feels so bouncy and cloud like! Now, this is pleaaaaasure.

What I realized about this product is that it also removes blackheads and like any other scrub (body or whatnot), it immediately brightens up your complexion/skin, cause it removes all the dead skin.

I totally recommend this product because, first of all, it became a part of my routine. So it is a huge deal because I am not the utmost hardworking girl when it comes to masking and all that jazz. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT. ­čĺ¬

Hahah, no, seriously tho, it will be extremely worth it because this tub will last you for a long time and if you really think about it, it’s a 2 in 1 - brightening (removes dead skin) and blackhead removal scrub.

As always, hope y’all enjoy that. Thought this is worth sharing!

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