H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

Ahhhhh! Finally! I've been working my butt off for this just to make sure it's perfect! Not complaining; I love it! The moment I confirmed my order 3 weeks ago, I was hella excited! Legit squealing and jumping up and down and doing that 'Chandler' dance. 


Disclaimer : I COME IN PEACE. I'm not showing off in any way.
 I mean no harm, so please, spare me the hate. 

So a couple of months ago, I've been wanting a new highlighter but I kinda wanted a cheap one. Then Colourpop came to mind and I thought why the hell not right? YES WHY THE HELL NOT. I should have known I am not capable of buying just 4 highlighters. NO, I just had to go through the entire website for days and select carefully what I wanted. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a makeup junkie. JUST A BIT, YEAH? 

Anyway, I realized most of you didn't know that Colourpop ships internationally. Well, they do! Think they made it happened a few months back already. I know there are online stores that sell them too, but I prefer just getting from the website directly. It's not like I'm worried they'll cheat my shopaholic ass. I'm just impatient. 

So I got their Lippie Stix, Ultra Lip, Super Shock Shadows and of course, HIGHLIGHTERS. I've been using these products quite often so I might be writing a review on them. For the highlighters, I personally feel like they are a great dupe for the Becca Highlighter. Frankly, I would get the Becca Highlighter IF I'm capable. Unfortunately, I can't afford too much of the glam life but just enough. Plus, this haul alone made me feel like a freaking ball of sunshine. 

Now, time for the video! I'm kinda enjoying editing videos! There were ENDLESS struggles at first, but I just got a hang of it. Simple edits for now, as I'm still experimenting but do please check out the video! I've swatched all the products I got in my video. Sneaky, I know! ;)

Well, that's the end of another money fly haul! Hope you guys enjoyed both the blog post and video! I'm hella stiff in this video but I'll learn to just loosen up! Like, who knew I'd still be an awkward potato in front of a camera. May the Youtube Gods bless me. 

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