H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

If I ever did plan on writing about this, it would have been way overdue. So, I had the chance to stay in this beautiful hotel in KL back in August and coincidentally, it's right beside Empire Damansara. Empire Damansara kinda reminded me of Straits Quay but in a more rustic vibe. Not complaining because every corner were very picturesque. Anyway, I saw that Haraju-Cube is located in Empire Damansara thanks to the TV in the hotel room. There were slide shows of available eateries shown on the TV in the hotel room, which I found very smart and helpful because it helps guests to know their way around plus there were promo codes only for hotel guests! 

First of all, can we just appreciate how delightfully pleasing this place is? This place just makes me wanna stay all day and pretend I'm in some other country. That's the vibe it gave me. Then, it may be the fact that I was in another state by myself for the first time. Oh well!

Now, I've (obviously) seen photos on Instagram and it looks hella good! I mean, it's cheese. GOOD FLOWING CHEESE FROM A FREAKING TART CHEESE! Just had to try it myself and see if it's as good as it seems. Initially I wanted to try their Honey Toast but I changed my mind when I saw the photos for this.

^ BTW, this is what failure looks like.  

H A R A J U - T A R T  |  R M 1 9 . 5

This came with two choices of sauce - blueberry or strawberry. The friendly staff told me that strawberry sauce would be the best! She was right! The first bite and I went to cheese heaven. Everything went so well together - the vanilla ice cream, the cheese, the tart. The ice cream didn't even taste like vanilla. It was different, a good different. I wished I took a picture of the good flowing goodness but I was in ecstasy. Haha, so excuse me.

This would be great to share with another person for it will be nicely fulfilling. Having it all by myself was a little bit too much. You know what they say; you can't have too much of a good thing.

H A R A J U - M I L K |  R M 8 . 9

The Haraju-milk was really good as well! I went with the Fruit flavour and I loved how everything really complimented each other. Seeing that it was milk, I was afraid that it may be too much cause of the cheese tart but no, it was super delicious!

Overall, I love the dessert and also the interior of the place. I wished I could stay longer that day but I had a flight to catch (which I missed anyway). Anyway, I have some pretty exciting things coming up soon so stay tune!


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