H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

"I think it's important to find the little things in 
everyday life that make you happy."
                                                -  Paula Cole

AHHHH BREAKFAST - most important meal of the day and c'mon, who doesn't like waking up to food first thing in the morning? Do you know that breakfast prevents one from overeating for the rest of the day? I have to admit that I was not a breakfast fan last time. I decided to make it a habit to have breakfast a year ago and I'm now proud to say that I eat breakfast 6 times a week (bcos i sleep till 12pm on sundays). I prepare most of them overnight so I don't have to wake up that early. The ones I'm showing you will be more on the healthy side but you can use whatever you want. So, lets get on with it!


  This is my favourite breakfast ever! It's so convenient, super quick and easy and so soooo yummy! You kinda need a jar for this. You can either recycle old jars like Prego Sauce or jam jars or you can just get one from Daiso as they have a lot of cute bottled jars (Daiso lover over here!)

{ Pour a cup of oats into the jar - depends how much you want ;
      Then 1 Tbsp of chia seeds - if you don't have this then skip this ;
          Slice 1/2 a banana and just pop them inside - keep the other half in the freezer ; 
             Pour your milk - pour a little first as the oats&chia seeds will absorb it ; 
                 Stir them and leave it in the fridge overnight

  The next morning, it should thicken so you just add more milk and the other half of your banana and omnomnomnom. In case, you're not sure how much milk you should put, here's how much I usually put but this is according to my liking.


    I only make this when I feel like waking up earlier or having more for breakfast. It's so fun to make and it's gluten-free!

{ Mash the banana - i always leave chunks 'cos it's nicer ;
After mashing, crack the egg and mix it ;
Put on your pan and turn to low/medium heat ;
  Pour a little olive oil on - you can also opt for butter ;
Make sure the olive oil is spread evenly on the pan ; 
Then scoop your paste on to the pan - the size is up to you ;
Flip them when it's golden brown ;
Leave for it to cool down a bit ;
 Add topping 

You can choose whichever topping you like - chocolate chips, maple syrup. My usual would be greek yogurt and blueberries/strawberries or just plain greek yogurt. You can use as many bananas as you want. I use only one because only I'm eating it (happy face). This is great for a hectic day for it gives you tons of energy thanks to the banana and greek yogurt!


     Also known as my lazy meal. Lazy meal because I can just prepare this the night before. So I prepare this whenever I need that extra sleep. So here it goes!

{ Spread the butter on both sides of your bread ;
Pop it in the oven/toaster - I always
preheat the oven for 10 mins ;
While waiting, just scoop a generous 
amount of pb into another container ;
Sprinkle chia seeds over it - because I love it! ;
Prepare the fruit of your choice ;
Once the toast is done just arrange everything! }

So that's what I usually have for breakfast! I try to make sure I always have something for breakfast no matter how tired I am. Whether it is a cup of smoothie or overnight oats because I need energy to survive a whole day of college. Plus I wouldn't wanna waste my day creeping away. I know we always make excuses like, 'Oh, I'm too busy to prepare anything' 'I just don't have the time' 'I don't even have time for grocery shopping', but honestly how hard is it to buy bread or fruits even? 

So remember, love your body not starve it. Hope this give any of you (if there's any) ideas or inspiration! 

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