H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

It's time to get out of hibernating! What better way to celebrate that, than to share another review of a recent product! I'm so damn excited for this one. I have been ever since I received it 7 weeks ago. Excuse my tardiness, please! Let's hope my honest opinion will make up for it!

There has been plenty of hype over Can Can's Handmade and if you know me, I would have bought them instantly just to see if all this good word is true. Unfortunately, my student ass was broke and I have A LOT of shades already. I want to say I would starve for a month so I can purchase something but I'm too much of a foodie. Ain't nobody gonna eat their makeup when they're hungry. 

Isn't it just absolutely beautiful? YES, I KNOW. Tell me that you can see the pigmentation that it gives! If you don't, I'd suggest that you visit your optometrist. You can't hate on the pigment, please. Now, this thing glides on like heaven. It's like the good lord made this. Honestly, I was so impressed on how it applies on my lips like it's nothing - silk canvas. I'm not too sure if it's moisturizing but on my lips they feel really hydrating.

Okay, you know how some liquid lipsticks are gross, patchy and crumble? WELL, GOOD NEWS - this doesn't, especially when you're applying a second layer! "Does it come off when you eat?" Which lipstick doesn't come off? Unless you eat like a proper lady then you're good. I find that Can Can's Handmade comes off easily only when I eat oily food or when I eat my lipstick. Hahah! Some of you will feel me on that one. It would be great if it doesn't come off as easily but since touching up won't make my lips feel coarse, I'm actually fine with this then. 

I asked in for a favor from Nyara, just so you can see how this shade looks on a caramel babe. The photos turned out greater than expected! All the Gods be blessing me with that dramatic lighting that I needed! Blessed. I want to say that I'm Team Caramel but I think I'm more Team Teh Ais. 😂I may be lame, but at least I'm not bitter. WHY YOU BITTER.

Overall, I really love Cherry Bomb! I'm actually considering to get Muse. I'm so sad that I missed my chance to purchase Shameless. It's honestly a great local brand and I highly recommend this! Plus, it's cruelty-free and vegan! You don't even need to moisturize your lips with lip balm before applying because the formula is super creamy! It's always great to support your local brands, especially when they're this good! What are you waiting for?

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