H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

{ Very Vogue, I know }

If you're wondering where I've been, you can read my previous post right here, where it gets a little bit personal. Alright, back to business! Okay, I usually fight the norm and not wear anything vibrant during Chinese New Year. I don't do it to be not mainstream, it's because of the personal issues I have with that side of the family. Let's just say that my Chinese New Year is very different from yours. This year, I was feeling a little different and the theme was very peachy. I may have bought a lot, so I told myself that I had enough. That is, till I came across SHOPPR. YES, I BOUGHT STUFF BUT IN MY DEFENSE, THEY WERE PERFECT FOR THE FIRST AND SECOND DAY OF CNY!  

What I like about Shoppr is that, not only it offers a great deal for a lot of amazing brands like ASOS and BOOHOO (my personal favorites), but also it's a great fashion platform! More on that later! You can browse through the items even by a specific brand ! That's how I found mine! Well, cause I knew I wanted either BOOHOO or ASOS. You know how clothes now don't seem to have that perfect fit anymore. You can select the outfits based on your body's preferences - plus size or petite! Sure makes life a whole lot easier for me!

{ What in the world am I doing? Do you have any idea how hot it was on that day? }

{ Seriously trying to feel the breeze on my neck. }

I've already mentioned that Shoppr is a great fashion platform! Let me go on a little bit on that - it's basically Instagram for Fashion. An app that offers fashion items, that's also a platform for you to share your outfits and being able to pick inspired outfits by other users! So all you fashion enthusiasts out there, you can inspire and be inspired on here - well, I've already signed up so it's your turn! So far, I realized that it's mostly for women's fashion. I think I wouldn't mind seeing something for the men out there as well. Seeing that they're as into fashion as us girls!

One thing I wasn't expecting about this app was that, it redirects. So you don't purchase your items directly through Shoppr. At first, I didn't know how to feel about this because honestly, it's quite inconvenient. Then, I didn't really mind after because of how cheap the clothes were! I know, I'm weak. I do hope it'll be direct soon because it will be more user-friendly. It'd be a shame to spend tons on shipping fee if all of our favorite picks are not the same brand.

Overall. I really loved using the app and wouldn't mind shopping through Shoppr again (once I have money again). I mean c'mon, I obviously love my outfits! They were a nice fit too! Plus, I get to post about them on another social media platform! Makes me happy being able to post on a few, but then it's just me.

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