H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  ❤ 

  I think being in a relationship with yourself is very important. Isn't it funny how a relationship status is so important nowadays? Look at us - we're fighting to fit the expectations of society in ways of appearance and the way you should behave, what you should or should not do. Are we all not tired of living up to other people's expectations. Shouldn't we be only pleasing ourselves instead of trying to live up other's ridiculous expectations that are infinite and unsatisfactory? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Torturing ourselves for all these silly things just so we can fit in?

  Now, what was I saying? RIGHT - HAVING A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF IS CRUCIAL. So what you don't have a so called 'BAE'? So what you've been single for a long time? You're allowed to and you shouldn't answer to people who don't know how to mind their own business. Please don't ever compromise yourself for that relationship status. Never ever do that for anyone. It's not worth it. To be frank, I did and I learnt it the hard way. We're not perfect, loves, but it doesn't mean we should do things to harm ourselves  because in the end, we are hurting, only us.

 SELF WORTH - we all have that and we deserve it. Don't ever let anyone treat you like shit. IF you ever know they are and you're allowing it, don't. Please don't, do yourself a favor and walk away. God knows you can find a better or a better one will find you. Don't hurt yourself by staying. Whoever it may be - a friend, a lover, a kin. NEVER let anyone treat you as if you're dirt.

  We pressure ourselves into so many things nowadays. For what reason? Just to feel accepted. Whether it is for popularity, love or work, they're all the same. For heaven's sake, most of us are even striving to be different because being different means we're not mainstream. "Oh how very hipster of you".  I know people who are truly different and who are really just doing it just for acceptance. You know you don't have to. As cheesy as it sounds, just be yourself. Why does God create us differently? Isn't it boring if we're all same? My god, I can't imagine. For instance, my mum and I are very different so we argue (or debate as I like to call it) a lot. Sometimes even for the silliest thing but isn't that the whole point? There'll be nothing to talk about if we think alike. We won't even improve if we're all the same. Yes, I love her despite our differences. Yes, we're different but that's how we grow together. If we're all the same, how can there ever be improvement?

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