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Before anything else, a little update - I've landed myself a job! Yes, I'm in my final year of diploma but I figured that it's a good opportunity so why not right? To be frank, I have been struggling to juggle work, classes, friends and family. It has been pretty tough but now I'm getting a better hang of it. I believe everything will be worth it. Plus, nothing ever comes easy right?

Now, what I really want to share with you guys : 

O  N  E        Y  E   R

It has been exactly a year and two months that I am a pescetarian. Just to recap, a pescetarian is a vegetarian who still chooses to consume fish or certain types of seafood and also, dairy products. It started off easy for me. I had no trouble resisting meat (mind you, I started being one during Chinese New Year) and I was more than happy. Yes, sure, the people around me, friends and family, they all reacted differently. 

"Ew, why?" "Are you sure?" "Is is to lose weight?" 
"Why are you restricting yourself?" "But, bacon." 

 I even had people offering me meat when they know I don't take them anymore, trying to talk me into eating meat again and of course, the classic jokes. I expected all of that, people do react that way when they don't understand things which is understandable but NOT tolerable if they overdo it. Thank the Heavenly Father that I have friends and family that respected my decision and leave me be as long as I am happy.

 I was happy until a few months ago. I had the urge of eating meat again, mainly mutton and beef. So, I had a little break (exactly two weeks) and ate meat. It was like a trial thing, to see if I really wanted to go back. I knew that I already had my answer back then but I chose to go back to being a pescetarian again. I STRUGGLED AFTER THAT. I was unstable because I didn't know what I want. Soon enough, I just caved in and just decided to eat whatever I want.

Don't get me wrong, that one year of being a pescetarian, I was at my happiest. I loved myself even more, which is an amazing thing. I loved the experience of it all and glad that I am exposed to it. I found myself fighting with what my body wants with my social needs. The only reason I stopped being a pescetarian is because I was not doing out of happiness anymore, I was doing it to live up to the label. I knew better than to sacrifice my happiness just to live up to some silly label. So here I am, devouring my meat again. The reason I'm sharing this is also to tell those of you out there, to NOT ever live up to a label if your happiness is in risk. Yes, the label will bring you some sort of glory or what not but think about it, you're living a lie and does that really make you happy? Always remember to do whatever that makes you YOU and happy, alright? 

Hey, who knows, maybe I'll be one again in the future? I do like to experiment. Whatever that floats my boat, is the only thing that matters! Also, I'll try to write as much as I can. I have a few ideas for this blog and I just hope I have the time and strength to finish it soon!

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