H E L L O   B E A U T I F U L S !  

I AM BACK! I haven't been blogging because time wouldn't let me sit my butt down to do so and also, procrastination. *awkward laugh*  To make up for my laziness, I have a few posts coming up so please be patient with me. I shan't be lazy for my sem break is coming soon!

C A F E    H U N T I N G

I recently have this need to sit in cafes and just spend quality time alone or with someone. So I thought why not try out new cafes. I actually went to Haven Harbour last week to finish up my assignments but I like the place so much I couldn't resist going back again this week! I was in the mood so I decided to write about the place. 

 Haven Harbour is located in the Chime Heritage at Nagore Square. The ambiance gives me such a good positive calming vibe - you can never go wrong with places like this. It was not packed with people which I appreciate a lot, despite that it's a Sunday. I only took pictures of the upper floor because ya knowww, I'M FORGETFUL. I prefer upstairs because goshhh, the interior is just amazing! They also have a different playlist upstairs and downstairs. If you enjoy listening to covers I think you'll appreciate the songs they play, and if you don't, just give it a chance alright?

 I don’t know about you but I really like the place. They even have orange infused water ;  so for those of you who don’t like lemon infused water, you may like this better. They also have a stack of card and board games at the corner, which I think some of us would appreciate.

Now, Chummy (Marissa) and I went around tea time so we just ordered their Amigo Nachos, Lemon Baked Cheese Cake and a cup of Latte. Oh yeah! There’s no GST so the price that you see is the price that you pay. ISN’T THAT GREAT?

           AMIGO NACHOS        RM13.9

I wouldn’t recommend this because they don’t use actual tortilla chips but the junk food brand Chacho’s. The dips were guacamole and what looks like salsa. The guacamole was a little bit watery. Chummy made another dip which is Tobasco sauce with black pepper by this mini bar they have. We dip the nachos by mixing the sauces together and it tastes amazing actually. We just wished that the ‘chips’ wouldn’t be flavoured otherwise it would have been okay.

           LEMON BAKED CHEESE CAKE     RM14.9

Ahhhhh, this is my second time having this. Even though it doesn’t have that lemon zing, it was still good. I would totally learn to make this! I would recommend this people! The texture is just right – smooth and creamy. It’s also not too creamy so you won’t get sick of it but definitely enjoyable!

          LATTE  /    RM9.9

I could never resist the temptation of the smell of coffee. I’ve had my share of amazing lattes and this one is just…mediocre. BUT if you don’t mind, you can give their Iced Dark Chocolate a try. A friend of mine had it last week and she really enjoyed it.

( chummy ^ )


   I guess overall, they’re quite okay but this is also based on what I have ordered. Their Breakfast Menu looks pretty amazing and there are a few healthy choices. So be sure to check them out if you happen to be there!

I hope y’all enjoy this post! I can’t wait to visit another new café. Too many cafes, so little cash.   

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